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New Year, New You?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

So you have decided you want to lose weight, gain weight, be healthier, only eat vegetables, not eat chocolate, wave goodbye to sugar. So you start to diet, start the new trends, announce to everyone that this is what you are going to do, but it does not last and then you feel guilty you are not able to keep it up, fail and eat more to make yourself feel better.

Firstly you do not need to put yourself under pressure and can decide to do anything at anytime of the year. Its also not a new you, its the same you but maybe making some better choices for yourself. Secondly maybe its time to try something different. We all have our own personal relationship with food and sometimes this may be good for us or not so good but its this relationship that is more important to understand. Our belief system is formed as we grow and the environment plays a large part in the way we feed ourselves. We learn many things from our parents and this will be carried on through to adulthood. Many comments made to children will be taken literally because of their emotional and intellectual immaturity at that point. These comments create feelings of guilt and conflict within the person that may lead to difficulties later on in their life especially if they are unhappy with their weight and as a person's image is of such high importance these days on social media it may start to affect their self esteem and self worth. Without addressing these core beliefs and reinforcing better habits any new you ideas are likely to not work.

Hypnotherapy is used to investigate these core beliefs, address your relationship with food and replace your unwanted eating habits with healthier options that you have decided on. This should help your willpower and motivation to stay on track depending on your goals. Its not a magic wand and the results will depend entirely on you and how motivated you are.

Personally I think as long as you are happy and healthy you are perfectly fine, but if you do feel your not and you are struggling with this then please get in touch.

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