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A little about me

As a hypnotherapist I understand how debilitating some conditions can be, when you are living in constant fear, dealing with unhelpful beliefs and thinking there is nothing you can do about it. With hypnotherapy you can take back control of your life by addressing the problems that are holding you back and preventing you from living the way you want to. By taking care of your well-being to feel better and live happier. 

I came across hypnotherapy by chance while studying to become a counsellor and after seeing how effective it was I wanted to further my education and become a professional hypnotherapist. I trained with an organisation accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society that enforces a strict criteria and code of ethics to be a registered member, including yearly continued professional development. 

Hypnobirthing was something I had thought about for my own pregnancy for a while and knowing how hypnotherapy was helpful in other areas I decided to give it ago. Anything that would help me with the pain, something I was never very good at coping with. I picked the one that was recommended by midwives and yes it was an extra expense but I was so pleased I did it. It really helped me to stay calm and relaxed to the point that my caregivers didn’t even think I was in active labour. Which I have to admit did knock my confidence a little but with the support of my partner ( who I’d dragged along with me but now was extremely happy I did) knew exactly how to keep me on track and stay relaxed. Two contractions later and our baby was born to the huge surprise of the midwives.

Without doing this course I would not have had the confidence to listen to my body. Instead I would of listened to my midwives thinking I wasn’t ready, probably panicked, had a longer and more painful labour, with medical interventions that I did not want! 

I am not telling you it was easy but compared to my previous two births my gosh was it close! I felt confident, calm, in control and above all the pain was nothing like I had remembered before, I actually enjoyed every moment of my birth.

It’s now my passion to help and support others to feel better and live happier the way they want to. It’s also a really uplifting and relaxing therapy to experience. 

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