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How Hypnotherapy facilitates change,by bypassing the mind’s firewall allowing for change to happen.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We all have a set of core beliefs about how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. Every experience and belief gets stored in our unconscious part of our brain. The unconscious then uses these previously stored experiences as a reference point on how to respond to new future situations.

If someone tells us something and it doesn‘t align with our core beliefs it gets rejected as untrue. For example if you were told that the sky was green you would reject it because it didn’t align with what you truly believed, which is, the sky is blue. So if one of your core beliefs is that you are not good enough, it doesn‘t make any difference when someone tells you that you are, as you just wont believe it. Even if you are telling yourself the same thing, there is a difference between thinking something is true and truly believing it is. This firewall of your mind is called the Conscious Critical Faculty.

When we use hypnosis we bypass this CCF and access the unconscious mind directly where we can use positive suggestions to reframe the unhelpful beliefs that are no longer benefitting you. By repeating these messages you can retrain your brain to think, behave and respond in much better ways to help you make long lasting changes. Just like learning something new the more you do it the more you reinforce these new core beliefs which over time become ingrained into your natural way of thinking. Otherwise you are more likely to revert back to old ways of thinking and end up with the same results.


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