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Private Hypnobirthing Courses

I am here to support you on your birthing journey so instead of feeling worried or stressed out about it, you can really enjoy your birth feeling confident, excited and prepared for any eventuality.

It can feel overwhelming like your not in control when making all these important decisions around birth, not understanding the jargon or why and how this will impact you and your experience. Hypnobirthing gives you all the knowledge and evidence on all your birthing options so you don’t feel lost and can decide for yourself what’s best for you and your baby. Its not about saying No its about you making the decisions that are right for you. 

If this is your first pregnancy you may be feeling scared, feeling out of your depth and not really sure what to expect so you just try to not think about it at all and hoping for the best. Hypnobirthing works on a deeper level than other antenatal courses, looking at how the mind and body works during birth giving you the confidence to know everything that will happen and how to you can support each other through the process. This makes the experience more enjoyable, more comfortable and less likely to need any medical interventions. It also gives your birth partner an active role in the birth and shows you why that is so important.

If you want to make the most of your birthing experience, take away the fears and unknowns so you can feel confident, relaxed and ready for birth then book onto one of my private courses. They run over 4 weekly sessions and can be provide online as well as in person so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. 

I offer private courses tailored to your individual circumstances and offer ongoing support like having your own information resource on hand. My hypnobirthing is for anyone who is having a baby and wants the best possible start for them. As a professional hypnotherapist I can also offer hypnotherapy sessions to support you with issues such as anxiety around parenthood, morning sickness, body image, confidence, dealing with traumatic birth experiences and for relaxation to take some time out just for you. All of which will be discussed in detail at your initial consultation. 

If you are still unsure whether hypnobirthing is for you why not book onto a free taster session to find out more.

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Session One

Addressing your fears and worries

Discussing the birth you want

Hypnotherapy explained

The impact of the mind on the body

Births from the natural world

Muscles of the uterus

The nervous system during labour


Session Two

Breathing techniques and visualisations

Guided relaxation

Relaxation prompts

Gentle Caesarean births

Preventing tearing

Positions for birth


Session Three

Due dates

The impact of stress

Induction of labour

Communication with care providers

Roles of the medical professionals

The beginning of natural Labour


Session Four

Environment for birth

Place of birth options

The role of the birth partner

Early labour

Established labour

Down stage of labour

The ‘Golden Hour’

Birth preferences

Extra Information

What to pack for birth


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Ab and Kinga’s Birth story

I just thought I would send a quick note and tell you about the birth of our baby boy. He came to us on 30th March, 2 weeks early, weighing 3.7kg measuring 54cm!

We had an amazing birthing experience. My waters broke at 4.30am on Sunday morning of 30th March. We went to hospital at the recommendation of our midwife who did all the routine checks and sent us home to wait for further developments.

My surges started at 2.30pm and he was born at 6pm the same evening, so all in 3.5 hour amazing labour. I can’t stress enough how helpful the hypnobirthing course was for us. We used the breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques throughout and it really worked for us.

By the time we came to hospital at 5pm i was already fully dilated, the midwife couldn’t believe that we had to move straight into the second stage! Apart from a few puffs on the gas and air I had a completely drug free labour and with the help of hypnobirthing techniques a great and positive experience. I would also like to stress how important it was that my husband was there for me as my birthing partner. He prompted and reminded me of the plan just at the right moments and we really worked as a team throughout the birthing experience. I really could not have done it without him.

So many thanks for a great course. I will definitely be recommending hypnobirthing and your course to my friends.

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William and Steffi’s Birth Story

We wanted to send you a very special, huge thank you to you for everything you have done for us, taught us and assisted us with. We would have never done it this way without your hypnobirthing course. It gave us the confidence to go through the breech birth naturally, without any epidural (just a bit of gas and air), no tearing, no cutting, no stress for the baby. My waters broke around 11pm. When we arrived in hospital at 1am and had our first internal examination I was nearly 5cms dilated - 3 hours later 8cms - another hour 9cms - and he was born at 6am. As he was breech they had to keep a close eye on his heart beat and at no point did his heart rate vary from a healthy beat. Again we were only able to keep so relaxed because of all the breathing and relaxing techniques you taught us. William was amazing and having attended the course he was able to play a vital role throughout the entire birth.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. WE HAD THE MOST AMAZING TIME!!!!! And still can’t quite believe that we have a baby in the house.

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My Birth Story

This was my third birth. My previous two births were natural with gas and air but I always feared the pain and I wanted this time to be different. I booked on a local course and I really enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of birth but to be honest I was sceptical. I didn’t know whether it would work or not but I was willing to give anything a go. 

Practicing was easy and it was really good for me to take that time out to rest as I was really tired throughout my pregnancy looking after my other two children and did feel quite stressed. My surges started early evening and because they were quite close and I thought my waters had broken we decided to go to hospital early as I didn’t feel like the surges were strong enough to be in established labour.

When we got there the midwife was not convinced I was in labour or that my waters had broken which really knocked my confidence but I continued with my breathing and with the support of my partner kept focused. After a few more surges I asked to go into the pool that had been prepared and even though the midwives didn’t believe I was ready I insisted I was. I agreed to have an examination so I could get in the pool and they were shocked how dilated I was so they agreed. After two surges I wanted to push and was told again I wasn’t ready, so I held on but then insisted I wanted to push. After one push and to the surprise of the midwife my baby’s head was showing and she was born two surges later. 

Without taking this course I would of listened more to the advice of the midwives and held on longer, but as I was more confident I was able to feel more in control. Trusting my body and what I felt. My caregivers were doing their job and I was just dealing with the surges so well they just assumed I wasn’t as far along as I was. I can’t really explain it as its not that I didn’t feel anything but I was just so focused and calm that the surges didn’t feel that bad. It still amazes me how different this birth was to my others and I was more nervous with this pregancy. 

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